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Risk Management Software

The Cowden Insurance Brokers Workplace Risk Division provides specialist Safety and Risk Management software to Australian businesses. Try risk management software now ->

We offer a comprehensive range of risk management software to enable our clients better manage all areas of Workplace Health and Safety, Incident and Injury Management, Staff Training, Quality, Environmental Management. Please feel free to review some of our products below;

Safety Management System (SMS)

Cowden Limited can provide clients with a comprehensive, user-friendly web-based Safety Management System to effectively manage Occupational Health and Safety (now including WHS requirements). The Safety Management System allows the user to produce relevant and current documentation at the click of a button as required by State Legislation and Australian Standard AS/NZS:4801.2001.

Many of our clients are required to comply with the AS/NZS:4801 Occupational Health and Safety Standards to secure contracts with larger corporate organisations, mining companies and councils. Having these systems in place can make the difference between success and failure. The Safety Management System (complete with a Safety Induction System) ensures all staff members can access current safety information at the press of a button.

The Safety Management System has revolutionised the way many Australian businesses are delivering and managing their Occupational Health and Safety obligations. Purchase of the Safety Management System will ensure quick, easy and cost-effective compliance with internal company standards, State/National Legislation and Australian Standard AS/NZS:4801.2001 for Occupational Health and Safety.

Incident and Injury Management System (IMS)

The Incident and Injury Management System is a cloud based, multi-user application that allows the user to undertake comprehensive incident and injury reporting, injury management activities, records and tracks all actions undertaken and produces detailed management reports.

The Incident and Injury Management System is developed specifically to manage the following:

  • Record all workplace Incidents, Hazards, Vehicle or Plant Damage, Employee Injuries, Near Hit/Miss, Medical Treatments, etc;
  • Record and track the Injury Management and Return to Work Processes;
  • All Private and Confidental communications including; Medical Reports, Statements, Investigations, Claims Information, etc
  • The Workers Compensation Claims process and required actions with the Insurance Company;
  • Planning and co-ordinating and tracking all Vocational Rehabilitation actions by Provider;
  • Produce Safety Performance Data, Man Hours Worked (LTIFR, MTIFR, TIFR) and other statistical information as per AS/NZS:4801 reporting requirements and much more ...

Training Manager System (TMS)

The Training Manager System has been designed for organisations to track and manage all company (internal and external) staff training requirements. The training manager system is utilised by a wide range of small, medium and large businesses across all industry groups.

Training Manager is the perfect tool to fully manage, control and organise the specific staff training requirements for any organisation. Using the training manager system the user can do the following;

  • Enter all relevant training course information;
  • Record employee, contractor, visitor, details and contact information;
  • Track Training courses both ''required'' and ''completed'' by employees;
  • Provides detailed information of all training service providers;
  • Generate comprehensive reports on all training completed/required/expired/pending/by department/by State/by active or inactive employment status...and much more;
  • Tracking of employee Licenses/Certificates/Verification of Competency/Trade Papers/expiry dates/pending and required status;
  • Comprehensive search functions;
  • Link scanned HR and Training documents to relevant employee details;
  • Full Management and Matrix Reporting,
  • Gap Analysis via required training module;
  • The Software can be further modified for your specific company requirements by our software development team.


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